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Fire Protection

Fire Protection

We provide a world class fire protection system including the fire detection and alarm systems on a turnkey basis for all kinds of industrial, commercial and residential projects in the world. Our engineering and construction services include complete engineering for the fire protection system, procurement, construction & site supervision, along with testing and commissioning and a very comprehensive annual maintenance services.
All our projects are executed strictly in line with the statutory requirements of the particular region or country. However, the codes that we broadly follow for our projects are NFPA/NBC/BIS

Our Outstanding Specializations :

  • Strict Compliance to the Statutory Norms and Regulations
  • A World Class Team of Highly Experienced Professionals
  • State-of-the-art Design Configurations for the Fire Protection Service
  • Excellent Fire Detection and Monitoring Services
  • World Class Construction and Supervision Services
  • Highly Efficient and Exceptionally Economical Approach

We have a fully dedicated team of fire professionals and engineers who are capable of designing, procuring and executing large industrial, commercial and residential projects on a turnkey basis. Our fire protection services cover the entire range of fire-fighting systems starting from their concept to commissioning stages in toto.

In some very special cases, depending on the client’s project requirements and urgency, we can fast track our projects by seamlessly integrating early engineering and construction activities on a 24x7 basis, so as to complete the project much ahead of the schedule and accelerate the revenue generation, if any.

Our Citadel :

  • Microprocessor based fire detection system
  • Laser based smoke detection system
  • Smart fire alarm system
  • Ultraviolet and infrared fire detection systems
  • Heat sensing cables
  • Automatic fire sprinkler systems
  • Repeater panels in the main control rooms
  • Annual maintenance contracts
  • Professional training of the client’s personnel
Over a period of last several years, we have evolved as one of the most prominent fire protection companies in the world. With our passionate effort which is guided by a superlative spirit of innovation, we make sure that our fire protection service becomes a role model in the industry.

In addition, in some very special cases, depending on the client’s requirements and urgency, we can fast track our execution service and associated activities to meet the tough timelines of a particular project, on a case to case basis.
Strict compliance to the statutory regulations, Operational excellence, A World Class team of highly experienced professionals, an exceptionally economical approach towards providing the state-of-the-art fire protection solutions, and a continuous fire for excellence is something that makes us completely outshine the regular crowd of service providers.

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